Special Events


  • Invited by the UN friends & Government of China to the First event for Peace and Art. She was chosen to close the events celebrating World Peace Day through the blessing of the traditional Peace Water and Bells. An inspirational performance by Chinese school children and various Chinese artists, collaborated in an effort to foster Peace in Linzhou, China for UNITED NATIONS GLOBAL PEACE DAY on September 21, 2012.


  • National Asociation of Women for the Arts (NAWARTS)
  • Panelist at RMS QUEEN MARY SHIP/lecture about “The role of the Arts”. Hosted by: Robert Slaughter, Founder of the Arts Olympus.
  • Show at MVI, Revelation of the new work by Jacqueline Ripstein, with Gerry Kelly and Stephanie K Ripstein as hosts. Gulfstream, Fl
  • Show at Avant Gallery


  • Presentation at the Regional Peace Conference related to The International Association of Educators for World Peace. Seminars and workshops at Morella Gallery Hollywood, Fl
  • Introduction to the new building «St Tropez» in North Miami Bch cocktail and show. Nov 2009.
  • International Association of Educators for World Peace Dedicated to United Nations Goals of Peace Education, Environmental Protection, Human Rights, and Disarmament Regional Peace Conference Huntsville, Alabama, USA July 28 – August 1, 2009
  • Here to Here musical group. Intro of New Cd. With Jacqueline Ripstein’s art.
  • Birth of Painting: Heaven to Earth unveiled by Mayor Fernando Vargas from city Bucaramanga Colombia. Hollywood. Fl. May 2009.


  • Workshops -Mexico DF
  • Adriana Barraza actress nominated for the Oscar award, of the movie “Babel” reveals to the world the masterpiece of Art of Jacqueline Ripstein: «World Transformation.»


  • Seminars 7 Hidden Codes. Discover the Light within you! English & Spanish
  • Seminar for Dade County at the Tower City theater. The Rainbow within.
    Appointed World Peace Ambassador in Switzerland.


  • 60TH Anniversay of the United Nations.
    Appointed World Peace Envoy United Nations special events representative for the International Association of Educators for World Peace.
  • Special event at the Sequoia Presidential yacht. *»50 Shakers and movers of the World» Washington USA.
  • Third World Peace Congress. Panelist and 2 workshops.Verbania, Italy.


  • 2 Seminars for Dade County at the Tower City theater Art as a Healing tool,Art as an instrument for Peace. Miami Fl.
  • Seminar Parliament for the World Religions Barcelona,Spain: Proposal by JR Art as an instrument for Worldpeace.July 13 2004.With 2 Harvard Univ. profs. Jonah Friedman.
  • 2 Seminars Dade County. Sister Cities.Sept 15-17/2004.
  • Seminars Series: Color, Light & Science in the Visible and the Invisible World. Jacqueline Ripstein ©.
  • Group Regla Miller May 1 2004.
  • Healing Light Institute May 8 2004.
  • UNITY ON THE BAY Presentation of the painting Compassion to Rev. James Trapp Marks 10 Years, Miami. FL.
  • MIAMI DADE COLLEGE Art Seminars & art show at the local Tower Theater.
    «PARLIAMENT OF THE WORLD RELIGIONS FOR WORLDPEACE». With Dalai Lama, Deepak Chopra, joined thousands of people representing the vast diversity of the world’s religious spiritual land cultural traditions as they converge in Barcelona Spain from July 7-13 04 for the Parliament of the World Religions.


  • Seminar to church congregation. Long Island, NY
  • Speaker at Rotary Club Key Biscayne. September 2002. Key Biscayne, FL.


  • Northwood University workshop for students “Healing Circle through Art”.
  • Northwood University workshop for students and parents“The Invisible made Visible”
  • SPIRTUALITY IN TOURISM/ CONFERENCE for PEACE La Citadilla Assisi, Italy 13-17 October, 2001.
  • «Circle of Healing», Two workshops after September 11 with Spiritual Exhibits of Jacqueline Ripstein’s Art at Northwood University,West Palm Beach, FL.
  • America’s Health Choice «Healing Through Love» Eight seminars for Elderly People. Interactive program for Healing the Mind, Body & Spirit, presented by four internationally re-known speakers. Boca Raton, FL.


  • United Nations «Millennium Peace Day» – Chosen to do the opening with a Children’s workshop with Jacqueline Ripstein and Mrs. Nane Annan. Teaching a class to over 400 children from around the world. Remarks by: First Lady of Colombia, Mrs. Betty Williams, the 1976 Nobel Peace Prize Winner among many others. United Nations Headquarters, N.Y.


  • The Grand Sovereign Dynastic Hospitable Order of Saint John Knights of Malta, Coral Gables, FL.
  • Special event with the Brahma Kumaris World Spiritual University in Miami, Florida “About Helping to Better Our World” with sisters B.K Janki and B.K. Jayant


  • Day of Awakening, Miami Arena: Mind, Body & Spirit, JACQUELINE. RIPSTEIN’S ART & SPEAKERS; Bernie S. Siegel / Wayne Dyer, Ph.D. / H. Stephen Glenn / Barbara De Angelis, Ph.D / Larry Dosey, MD / Bradford Keeney, Ph.D. / James Redfield / John Bradshaw / Neale Donald Walsch.


  • Commissioned by the Holy Family Institute to paint «OUR LADY OF THE UNIVERSE: GOD’S GIFT TO THE WORLD» & «THY WILL BE DONE». November 1997 tour for presentation of the painting in the United States with Father Jozo Zovko of Medjugorje, Croatia.

1995 & 1996

  • Workshops with children with Aids Miami Dade Community College South Campus 2 workshops.


  • Moma Museum, North Miami
  • Awarded Proclamation from the City of Toledo. First Jewish Artist invited by the Spanish Government to show in Toledo as part of the events of Sefarad’92 and the Art and Culture Center «Posada de la Hermandad of Toledo,opened by the Mayor of the city ILMO.Sr. D. Joaquin Sanchez Garrido


  • Latin American Museum. Workshops for children.


  • Conmemoration of Inquisition Events Houston texas, 3 days workshops for children.


  • Galeria Polanco. Art classes for children


  • Arte –Galeria. Art classes for children. Mexico City Mexico. Herradura, Mexico Art & Creativity Classes at a school and ata gallery.