Seminars and Workshops

Jacqueline has designed workshops and seminars with the goal to help in the process of the transformation of our Consciousness and to accelerate our awakening to our Inner and Creative Powers.

«It takes a moment of consciousness, an AHA moment to awaken to our lives, my workshops are designed to be that Aha moment»

Learning to raise our lives to higher vibrations. Each individual change will accelerate a change in the Social, and Ecological environments.

At the Millennium Day year 2000 Jacqueline was chosen to open the events, where she gave a unique and transformational workshop of «Music and Art» where 450 messages for Peace from the children were obtained.

Thank you very much for your wonderful art workshop the Millennium Peace Day on 19 September 2000 at UN Headquarters. It was definitely one of the most inspiring workshops I have ever been part of. Many of the 400 or so students who participated in the activity wrote me expressing their excitement and satisfaction. Obviously, much of the credit for the success of the day‟s event goes to you.

Hasan Ferdous. Chief, Public Inquiries Unit. Department of Public Information.United Nations

  • Awaken your Creative powers!!… Awaken to your Genius within!!
  • Do you love what you do every day? Do you know who is creating your life? And from where?
  • When was the last time that you had fun? Did your dreams become true?
  • It’s never too late In fact your time has come to discover and create a wonderful life

Each Seminar duration is 1:00 to 1:30 HR They are designed for Adults and for Children.
Let the Invisible World reveal you the TRUTH

If you are interested in having Seminars or workshops in your hometown please contact us!