Invisible Art

F rom the dawn of time, humans  have known that the arts have  an incredible power to heal both Body and Spirit. Since Neanderthal times man has used the Arts to reflect his life and feelings. The Prehistoric Art is based on the common natural psycho- physiological principles. Language and image are – from the appearance of the modern man it has always reflected the outside and of the inside world of man.

This worlds are the complement of one another. The visible and Invisible world have always interacted through the Arts!

Historically, art through the centuries has had great power to influence. Instead of art being considered as a vital manifestation of man, nature and God, man has been using it with no real sense or purpose. Materialism has affected the roots of the tree of life and the true value of human beings became misplaced and misguided. Art lost its creative urge & meaning and became separated from its roots. As a natural manifestation of the soul, art was trapped into this decadence.

In ancient Greece, Apollo was both the God of music and medicine.  Ancient Greeks said: «Music is an art imbued with power to penetrate into the very depths of the soul.»  These beliefs were shared through their Doctrine of Ethos.  In the Arts the primary theme is principally sociological. Magic is presented in its religious and then political purpose, before passing on to daily life.

Vibration is scientifically defined as a periodic motion of the particles within themselves. It is this periodic oscillation that is in constant motion in the universe. This oscillation is an everyday phenomenon that passes through us in many different forms such the television, radio or cellular telephones waves. Most of the time we do not see or hear this motion without a receiver of some sort. Some of these vibrations can have a very destructive effect on our physical bodies to the point that a state of depression could take place by the continuous bombardment of such vibrations. Thoughts and actions are converted into energy waves. If thoughts and actions are negative, they will be attracted to the negative fountain of energy and generate energy in kind. This is the Law of Similar in which like attracts like thus we surround ourselves with mirror images of ourselves whether we like it or not.

Sound, in the form of chant, tone, music, and nature sounds is being re-discovered in the healthcare arena for the enhancement of health, vitality, numerous psychological and behavioral conditions, and stress reduction.

High Frequency Art Can Help You Raise Your Levels Of Consciousness.

«Where Heaven & Earth Will Be United Through Art»

«To master our lives is the Art of Life. What we create from an inspirational moment is to Master Life as an Art.»

Art is an experience of the sublime, of the divine. It enriches our lives, and by inspiring us it raises our beings into higher states of vibrations, connecting us with our inner divine force.

This, is the mission of Art, it touches us so we can raise our  inspirational level and awaken the forces of creativity and consciousness within us.

Sounds And Colors Correspond To The Same Vibrations.

Art in its many forms of painting, poetry, music, singing, architecture, writing, dance, sacred geometry & archetypes and theater, all these are manifestations of our higher soul’s creativity. Emotions are involved in a creative moment. Our Souls are connected to different vibrational levels, as the artist is creating ,he taps into what great artists named:»the fountain of creation» or as it is known by science nowadays «The Morphic Fields» by connecting they become the instrument to bring down what has already been created in the Universe by God. But be aware if the artiost is connecting into lower frequencies then the vibrations he becomes the instrument for are under the infrared emanations and very low frequencies are channeled through him.

The psychologist and philosopher, Carl Jung, said, «Spirit lies behind the collective unconscious and, of course, art reveals the unconscious.» Art is born as a result of the union of spiritual energy with the Divine. The thoughts and attitudes we project consciously or unconsciously, apparent or invisible vibrations that we see or hear, our environmental influences, the media; all these affect our consciousness. Where they meet and interact in us create feelings of either balance or a state of imbalance.

We are now living in a time of a New Renaissance where art with its expressive wisdom and healing power can inspire us to transcend the world of duality and materialism. Art has many beneficial effects on us through its many forms of expressions. The vibrations and inspirations transmitted through art motivate on us a level we are not always aware of. A communication is taking place on a higher realm that affects our own vibration or energy field. We call it peace or love or a multitude of other words but in essence, it is a fulfillment that we rejoice in. It is vibrational food for our souls.

There is a need to open our hearts and eyes to see again the colors of life. The purpose of art is to share love and inspiration with the world, to inspire and to encourage us to explore the world of light and to enlighten humanity to the radiance of heaven. When the artist prepares himself to be a pure tool, body, mind & spirit are tuned in. Art then comes from a higher level of consciousness. Art can shift us to that higher level through inspiration & the vibration that is contained within the atomic structure of a piece of art. Different colors contain different forces and each color has its own frequency. There are 7 basic colors that correspond to the 7 basic sounds. Here music and color are in synchronicity.

The vibrations in music can be very low in frequency and stimulate our lower feelings or in a higher octave that can rise us up to a higher state of consciousness. When a piece of art can inspire us it is because it is emanating at higher  frequencies. The vibrations contained within a painting will influence us day and night, for good or for bad. We perceive these vibrations beyond our physical bodies, so we are not ordinarily aware of them. Everything and everyone in the physical world vibrates on an energetic level. Each color has its own vibration, as well as shape and form. If we add to this the energy that comes from the connection that the artist experiences from the higher levels, it is easier to understand the process where art is a tool for healing.

The frequencies contained in colors and music nourish us in ways we don’t even realize it. They inspire, relax, and energize us–in short, it heals us and keeps us well. It resides everywhere in our world.

When human beings are creating anything, we are taping into the Source. Thus, the creation of art is one of man’s most direct connections to God not only as his silent and universal language, but also as the manifestation of his Superior Energy Force. Today, scientists and learned scholars have come to realize the importance that art is as a tool for a healing. Much of the new medicine of the new century will be based on machines measuring energy and vibrations to facilitate diagnoses and approaches to healing the human body. Numerous medical patients are being helped through art, color therapy, energy healing techniques and creating inspirational environments are being recognized as an important factor in recovery. Art, prayer and meditation are the most effective tools we have to unite us to heaven and earth. Art is a silent worship.

Inspiration comes as an uplifting power helping us to overcome our limitations. The artist via a piece of art can become a tool in the healing process and to inspire people to develop their higher potentials. The message of this inspiration is a synthesis of the mind, body and spirit where the messenger is just a tool for us to glean the message. Art goes beyond the obvious to express universal truths. The figures, symbolism and colors used by the artist are very subtle and reach levels beyond unconsciousness. This is why I use surrealism as a medium to go beyond the expected physical world our eyes. To reorder reality as we know it in symbolic way and to experience the reality we can perceive through the art allows us become clear enough for our soul to decode it and see the truth. Understanding the knowledge of the enclosed symbols used by the artist becomes the key that unlocks our minds to insert universal truths. It is not about what we see with our eyes but what we feel with our hearts and see with the invisible inner eye. The true appreciation of art is how deeply it reaches into our souls with one language of the heart. If a piece of art can make a person stop, wonder and question his own reality and reflection, then art has the joyous property of sanctifying the expression of the inner sensitivity of the unconsciousness.

A new era is rising where art is coming forth to unite us to a higher level of consciousness with its power to heal. Art is a universal language transcending boundaries, limitations and all states of duality. It unites us all in the consciousness of God’s inspiration.

“Art seems to me to be a state of soul more than anything else.”

Marc Chagall

«Society needs artists, just as it needs scientists, technicians, workers, professional people, witnesses of the faith, teachers, fathers and mothers, who ensure the growth of the person and the development of the community by means of that supreme art form which is “the art of education”. Within the vast cultural panorama of each nation, artists have their unique place. Obedient to their inspiration in creating works both worthwhile and beautiful, they not only enrich the cultural heritage of each nation and of all humanity, but they also render an exceptional social service in favor of the common good.»

Pope John Paul II