Artist Statement

W hen I was a little girl, I believed in Magic, my Wand and my brush transported me to the Invisible World…

I thank God for using me as an instrument to help reveal our Inner Light through my Art and Books. My mystical path through the Arts, and an inside force moved me constantly to research a way to portray our Invisible world. A path unknown to the Arts, a new expression that could convey the inner and outer worlds of a human being. The Arts and creative path have guided me to those unseen places that are hiding from the human eye, into the hidden secrets of Life!

As I start painting I always do it putting on a candle, dedicating my brush to G’d and I say a Prayer. Each of my paintings contains a Prayer for healing and uplifting consciousness for Humanity and Mother Earth our wonderful Earth planet that gives us the opportunity of having a Life experience.

Art for me is an energetic expression of Life, each painting vibrates and it is an alive energy system. The atoms within a piece of Art are constantly vibrating and emanating to us a silent language that talks directly to our Souls.

As my paintings are born they have a life of their own, they are powerful portals, that bond the viewers into the Invisible World as they contact their Spirit. Each painting reflects… the Mirror of their souls. My quest in my life journey has been to discover a new technique, a new way to reveal the truth… I do not reveal the Invisible World, the other way around; the Invisible World reveals to me the truth! And my responsibility is to transmit it to humanity!

My Mission

M y Art is part of a larger spiritual movement that is here to feed the spiritual needs of the world, it serves for the higher purpose of unity and healing.

My mission now is to help bring down Heaven to Earth, to reveal the Invisible World to Humanity as to help this distressed humanity that is living probably one of it’s roughest times as the world as we know it collapses.
When people have an instant of Inspiration, Faith, Love Peace… Are activated.

My Art is here to help Raise Consciousness, to inspire and to transform people’s lives.

My Vision

T o be part of the awakening of a New Humanity. To be of Help as a source of inspiration, harmony and Peace, as to be a tool to ignite a new recognition of the energetic and spiritual interconnectedness of all life-forms.

To Help raise through my shows, art, books, seminars and events people’s consciousness, feelings, hopes, values, to help create a transformational moment, where we can  recognize within each of us our true reality of the Invisible world, of the Light within us!

To Help bring back Faith! and to leave a legacy to our children and future generations… an alive and healthy planet where they will flourish in Peace and Love! With love and humbleness.