J acqueline Ripstein is an International renowned Fine Art Artist, Art Healing Pioneer, . For over 38 years, with more than 375 International shows, Jacqueline (born in Mexico and self-taught) has inspired thousands of people around the world. Recognition of her talent began at age 12, when she won a national Prismacolor diploma.

Jacqueline Ripstein is a unique creative that has dared to cross the boundaries of the traditional Art schools, to create New Invisible Art techniques (e.g Invisible Art & Light tech. © pat.1986). Her deep desire has been to reveal the unseen dimensions and to offer a breath of hope to our humanity. Her art reveals the Light within all of us and the Invisible dimensions that create our everyday lives.

“May my Art serve to guide you on an inspirational journey to where its images and hidden messages become a guide to reveal your Inner Light being. Let each painting be the Mirror of your Soul.”

Jacqueline Ripstein©™. Fine Art artist, creator of the Invisible Art & Light Techniques

Jacqueline has been invited to participate in major world gatherings where she has received many special honors. Some of these events and honors include:

  • Chosen to open the “Sefarad” events, in Toledo, Spain (1992-’94) Invited by the government.
  • Commissioned to paint Our Lady of the Universe for Medjugorje, Croatia, to support widows and orphans of  war (1996).
  • Chosen to open the “Millennium Peace Day” in 2000 at the UN in NY, alongside Mrs. Nane Annan.
  • Leading a workshop for over 450 children, encouraging  their messages of Peace to the World.
  • Invited by the government of China to celebrate  the 9/21/2012 International Day of Peace.
  • Participation in the first Linzhou  Art Exhibition and a Gliding Opening Gala at the Taihang Canyon Peach Blossom  Valley, including a Ceremony of Friendship and Peace, with more than 3500 people in attendance, where Jacqueline was asked to be one of the representatives to close  the ceremony using the peace water and bells.

 Jacqueline was also among the key speakers at the International Friendship Peace Forum, delivering a “Proposal to use the Arts as an Instrument for World Peace.” Some of her paintings have found a  permanent home at the Museum of Characters in Linzhou, Henan Province, China. She was invited to Hyderabad, India, where her art was chosen as the backdrop for the event. And she was one of the keynote speakers at the First Parliament on Spirituality, on December 21, 2012.

As the creator of new techniques in the world of art, Jacqueline’s mystical journey and insatiable search for the Divine Light has guided her to develop her patented (1986) Invisible Art & Light Technique. Jacqueline sees this as her gift to humanity, a unique revelation, and an opportunity to «connect» with  our spiritual world through her art. Scientific research by Dr. Valerie Hunt,  Dr. J. J. Hurtak, Dr. Rafael López Guerrero, and Dr. Vaughn Cook, has revealed  that her art has unique healing properties, and that it can elevate viewers to heightened  states of consciousness. Testimonials  speak of how her art has changed and inspired the lives of thousands of people.

Jacqueline has dedicated her life to helping raise human consciousness through her art, as well as through her motivational and self-awareness books, seminars, and workshops. She is an advocate for peace, and champions the arts and creative forces as instruments for world peace. Praised by international art critics and collectors, Jacqueline has been working in collaboration with the UN to reach its Eight Millennium Development Goals.

”My goal in creating New Invisible Art Techniques has been to reveal the unseen dimensions and to offer a breath of hope to our humanity – by showing from where we create our lives, as the inner Light beings that we truly are. I have realized that my art becomes a doorway, a portal to Invisible realms, connecting the viewer to emotional healing and spiritual power. To inspire people and help make a difference in their lives is my breath of Life.”

Jacqueline Ripstein

As a result of her research and obsession for her medium, Jacqueline Ripstein has been rewarded by inspiring thousands of people through her art, with more than 370 international shows, books, special events and seminars.

Born In Mexico city , at a very young age her talents manifested, at 12 yrs. old she won a diploma at the international art contest Prismacolor. In 1971, self taught she starts her professional career. A creative and vanguard to her time, she leaves us the legacy if New Art techniques in Art.  Her obsession to discovering these  New Techniques, took her to patent in 1976 the first Art in Motion, after years of research into the secrets of colors, she developed a new technique and invisible oils to the Art world, she applied for her first patent of the unique Invisible Art & Light Technique © a true legacy to humanity, which brings art to a new dimension.(1983-1986).

  Jacqueline’s art inspires and heals us. Her art has been tested as a high vibrational art and it is backed up by world re-known scientists as Dr Valerie Hunt, Dr. Rafael López Guerrero, Dr. J.J.Hurtak,  Ilonka Harezi and Dr Vaughn Cook.

“Only those that see the Invisible can do the Impossible”

Jacqueline Ripstein©™

“The Arts in all its forms- music, dancing, painting, sculpture, poetry, literature, etc, are a powerful tool for healing. They elevate us to an inspirational state, helping us to create a more meaningful and colorful life. They are a gift which benefits all mankind, and they contain the power to uplift us through in-spiritus, a direct connection to our Spirit.
In Art, the vibrations within colors and sounds reveal our Spirits. Art reflects our inner world as a mirror to our outer world, since as it beholds beauty it inspires us to “see beauty.” They enlighten us to respect and uphold the dignity and respect of other human beings, and it is a true manifestation of unconditional love.”

Jacqueline Ripstein©™ ``United Nations ECOSOC Representative of the International Association of Educators for World Peace”

She’s participated in special world events as: Chosen (1992-94) to open the «Sefarad events in Toledo, Spain». Commissioned to paint Our Lady of the Universe for Medjugorje, Croatia to support widows and orphans of war.(1996). Chosen to open the “Millennium Peace Day” at the UN in NY alongside of Mrs. Nane Annan,(2000) Leading a workshop to over 450 children. Had the honor to be invited by the Goverment of China for the International Culture and Artistic Center (CISAC) and China National Academy of Painting are going to jointly hold a series of activities and forums about art and peace from the 18th to the 22nd day of September, 2012 at Linzhou, Henan Province, China. This event shall build an open and interactive environment for the gathering of worldwide artists to exploit the internal connection between art and peace, to promote a sustainable future of art and peace, to lead the awareness of cultural and industrial innovation, and to stimulate the creative spark of 2012 UN World Peace Day –Jacqueline was chosen to close the events for the Day of Worldwide Peace on 21 st of September 2012, through the blessing of the Peace water and bells,She was also a key speaker at the Forum of Friendship through the Arts, where she gave her Proposal to use the Arts as an instrument for World Peace. 2 of her paintings stayed in the Museum at Linzhou for permanent show.

Jacqueline’s explorations into the unseen world, and what she calls “The Invisible World and the Invisible Light within all creation “Based on the Violet Ray vibration, a vibration very needed in this times of changes, after yrs. of research & challenges in 1986 she patented “The Invisible Art & Light technique”.This technique shows her Art (same painting) under 3 Lights: Normal Light, Black Light and Both Lights. It reveals to us knowledge and vibrations  from higher dimensions as it startle us, connecting us to the Sacred Space within us. Prof. Emeritus & renowned scientist: Dr.Valerie Hunt revealed how her high vibrational art heals and helps us ascend in consciousness. Each painting is a unique Portal that connects us to higher dimensions of Consciousness. Jacqueline’s constant effort to inspire people’s lives, and constant efforts to help create Peace for our Humanity.

  Jacqueline is a true legacy for humanity and as her work travels the globe the invisible world will be revealed to us all!

“Each person who sees an art object would have a response from a transaction with it ,it depends on where he is conscious mind is, as people grow in consciousness they will also respond to higher levels of consciousness portrayed in ART or Art objects . Jacqueline has put together not only new crystals into Art , but in a way that her field has manipulated those crystals to tell a story, she has told more in the story that is perceived on the material level ,she has told …the ultimate story which is the spiritual story of mankind.”

Dr Valerie Hunt.

”I met Jacqueline 10 years ago and my life has never been the same. She is one of the most inspirational people I have ever met. Her art is a reflection of her spirituality. The quality of her art cannot be expressed in writing, it must be seen. I speak from experience when I say that it is not only inspirational but healing as well. It was no accident that we met. She is the metaphysical Dali and I was Salvador Dalis’ publisher for many years. I worked with her for years.” We are all exactly where we are supposed to be.”

Bill Levin (RIP) (Jacqueline’s ex-agent & Salvador Dali’s’ sculpture dealer.)

Art contains the power to penetrate into the very depths of the soul. It’s high frequencies are Invisible codes of communication between our Souls and the truth of the Universe, they help us reconnect to the Eternal being within us…»

Jacqueline Ripstein©™