International Art Critics Synthesis

JACQUELINE RIPSTEIN: “ARTIST OF MYSTICAL REALISM.  For contemporary Artist approaching the 21st century, the subject of spirituality is not an easy one to address in a society that is most often cynical and secular, and comfortable with modern paintings styles that are abstract and objective. Through her art she has the power to enter new pathways leading toward the internal light. Her paintings are a testament to this commitment and reflection of life’s experiences in body and soul”

Carol Damian

Professor of Art History of Florida, International University (1996)

“Jacqueline Ripstein search for God and her knowledge of human nature has given her the power to create paintings that touch our hearts & souls t through a silent language, a prayer.   Extensive scientific research that culminated in a unique discovery allow us to say that she is undoubtedly the creator of the invisible technique.  This gives her work an evocative power, a mysterious atmosphere, which is accentuated by the artist’s charisma.”

Jane Chiroussout Chambeaux

Conservator Museum of Modern Art, Unet (France)(1996)

The Blessed Virgin Mary, the Universal Mother and Queen of Peace, is the world’s most beloved woman.  Every day, for centuries, her name finds its way into the prayers of people everywhere. Jacqueline Ripstein has painted an image of the Virgin Mary for all people, for all time.  Her beautiful Our Lady of the Universe brings the traditional representations of Mary into the twentieth century, while never sacrificing her ageless spirituality.  Using a unique and new invisible technique (patent pending Jacqueline Ripstein) that combines oil with gold for exquisite effects, Jacqueline captures the radiant lighting of the Virgin’s celestial being.  The radiance of Mary’s beauty is even more striking when revealed with black light.  To gaze upon Our Lady of the Universe is an emotional experience that transcends the merely physical recognition of the most highly revered woman in history.  Through her exquisite painting, Jacqueline Ripstein hopes to reflect the feelings of everyone who seeks peace, unity and love, and to inspire an answer to Mary’s call to come to God.

Carol Damian

Associate Professor of Art History at Florida International University in Miami, Florida, and author of The Virgin of the Andes: Art and Ritual in Colonial Cuzco 1997

“Art in general and the genre of painting in particular is a concept that lives and finds refuge in the creator’s continuous contributions from centuries upon centuries of intense exploration, Fundamentally throughout this century, more than many other century in history, artist have searched for new frontiers and unknown languages trying to find that one expression that could define them, to become what only a few are called to become.  Among the fortunate, Jacqueline Ripstein, for whom art is a star that illuminates her and others its distinguished generosity to allow a picture to go beyond a simple representation, creates on canvas a dazzling spectacle that burst with surrealism symbols evoking emotion from the viewer. And, this is true because her entire work is part of a message that , oil like matter organizes on the canvas to invite you to enjoy with devoted and admiring silence”

Antonio Morales

(1994) Director of “Correo del Arte” & “Correo del Arte Hispano”, Honorary Member of the Spanish Association of Painters & Sculptors, Academia de Bellas Artes Españolas, (Fine Arts Academy of Spain)

Now a days it is extremely difficult to paint a Christian theme, which has been produced in abundance during several centuries. To produce such a theme today requires great creative capability now to return to preexisting patterns.  This is the case in the work of Professor Jacqueline Ripstein:  In her painting entitled “Our Lady of the Universe god’s gift to the world”, creative capability surfaces and not lines perfection. The composition is organized in a tri-dimensional plane; the background stands out with a mild contrasting color mixture, where color governs the form, framed in wrapping movement from which the Virgin emanates. Her physical structure combines static’s with movement.  The static and at the same time dynamism of the virgin carries and expression transmitted to the spectator as tenderness a sensibility arises. Although the peacefulness of the Virgin touches the limits of weeping, it remains wrapped in a beautiful environment, very pleasing to the spectator eye.  The composition Recalls Renoir in the movement with infinite expression, skillfully accomplished; and the movement recalls the Baroque without mixing with the abrupt of this current. The handling of closeness, remotes, rests and movements weld well with the abstract elements, realistic and surrealistic, flourishing outstanding symbolism which allows each spectator to emit subjective judgements.

Moises Cattan Mansur

APPRAISAL & Art Critic October 28, 1997, México DF

Her paintings are disturbing and suggestive due to the conceptual spirituality and surrealistic splendor of this expressive language. This artist has obtained her creative seasoning after a demanding and decidedly self –taught, formative period in her life and following a lengthy and successful path of exhibitions ,celebrating her art form which it’s years ahead of it’s time ,in Mexico California, Texas and New York It’s really unusual that during this times of superficiality and of social unimportance that this young artist would be involved in the gloomy world of symbolism. Especially when she’s trying to express the eternal problem of man and God in Nature and its creative elements. She wants to be the pioneer of a new artistic movement that contributes to mysticism by utilizing images that persuade humans to forget the materialistic daily life and return to spiritual values. Jacqueline Ripstein anxious and hopeful to discover the “Divine light” in her paintings experimented hours and hours. She finally was able to paint ambitious works of religion whose theme’s way between tales of biblical punishment and the joy of celestial visions that have double meanings. Dependent on how you viewed the painting under natural or “black light “different emotional communication could be established. Her paintings demonstrate a dramatic change .Under natural light ,the images are alive and cheerful, and under the black light they are mysterious figures, a fundamental key to unraveling the sublime message that each portrays. It was without a doubt a genuine discovery .A value added of course, to the artistic value of each painting. It brings to mind the expressionist surrealism that was characterized by the Flamenco artist ,Hironimus Van Akeken (known as El Bosco).With his anarchic and cunning compositions and mocking attitudes, he intrigued. There is absolute agreement between Jacqueline’s art and human regression to the level of spiritual values. Although there is a difference in her expression. Jacqueline’s paintings do not portray a mocking attitude. Her ambitious intentions, spiritual surrealism and possibility for dual messages are obvious in her paintings, but the interest of the critic has to focus strictly on the positive pictorial values .She is a master of amiable drawings, she treats light with uncommon diversity, and her sensibility and knowledge culminates in the internal harmony of her paintings and in the delicacy of her palette. It is unquestionable that after her art and Spain have established contact, Jacqueline Ripstein will encounter the apex of her sensitivity and be in the peak of her profession

Antonio Cobos

(1994) Dean of Critics, Spanish Art’s-Co-Founder “AECA”, Spanish Association of Art Critics, Member “Association International des Critiques D”Art.

As a result of her research and obsession for her medium, JACQUELINE RIPSTEIN has been rewarded by discovering a New Technique in Art for which she holds a patent pending and copyright. Developed in 1982, INVISIBLE ART© is JACQUELINE RIPSTEIN’S legacy bringing art to a new dimension as a guidance and healing for humanity towards the 21st She has inspired to awaken the world through a cultural and spiritual movement conveying that the salvation of man is based on the return of the lost values: Faith, Love, Knowledge and Unity, and one of the few tools we have is ART. Jacqueline Ripstein has broken away from the abstract schools of modern art in her concern with significant content. She is shedding a new light on the traditional myths of the past by applying them to the present predicament of mankind in this period of moral and spiritual stagnation; she has the courage to the strike out as a humanist and a moralist.

Beril Becker

New York Critic and writer, New York, USA, 1978

Como Gustavo Dore y otros ilustres dibujantes, ha puesto sus ojos en páginas inmortales, se ha internado en sus reflexiones volviéndose viajera de los desiertos de la humanidad, y de ahí ha convertido esos anecdotarios en pinturas de bien factura.  Con estas observaciones como discursividad ético-artista, Jacqueline trabaja, dibuja, pinta, ilumina con una paleta enriquecida por la cálida pasión sensual amorosa de los colores intensos y de este modo va entregando en cada obra su testimonio: Verbo elocuente y vigoroso de un modo de pensar y de una categórica manera de sentenciar los equívocos de los hombres en forma precisa y preciosa.

Antonio Flores Antunez

Mexico As of Art critics and Press

Pintar es, en mi opinión, una cuestión de transformación de energías.  Y si lo considero como Hobby, el pintar significa para mí hacer visibles las energías latentes en el subconsciente, movilizables en forma de impulsos, ideas o intuiciones; dar salida a sus cifras y señales, es decir, a su lenguaje.  El sentido, la comunicación, el “mensaje” se muestra directamente, sin contemplación evaluativa indirecta y sin percepción racial, y se comunica, se revela al contemplador propenso, predispuesto, en forma de dimensión, mensaje, etc., comprensible y sospechable únicamente a través de sus órganos espirituales. La empresa artística establecida y rutinaria de hoy no tiene nada en común con la creatividad inicial, con la expresión original y la lucha por la auto realización en el sentido evolutivo.  Es más bien un comercio de productos de arte.  Por eso, yo seré siempre un intruso, porque no me encanallo.

Walter Kumpe

Germany 1974

“Jacqueline Ripstein work, the liberty of ideals is based on an equal liberty of execution and at the same time, allows admiration of this artistic language through the mastery, of the brush, the colorful accuracy and the great spiritual richness of this visionary who has created an original form of expression.  Besides being an outstanding artist, Jacqueline Ripstein is intellectually grounded in mysticism and the sciences to create polyvalent and fascination symbols that make her painting innovative and transcendent.  Her audacious combinations of shapes and highlighted by images of delicate poetry, rich design and tones.  In summary, her contribution to the technique and expression of painting, has made her a first-class artist anywhere in the world.

Bertha Taracena

Mexican Art Critic Member of the international Association of Art Critics (AICA) Mexico, 1978