Bravo dear brother Honourable Global Poet and Personality Agron Shele Shele
for your dedication to the Word and Poetry, for your ability to gather and inspire poets all over the world to serve the pure word!!! Be blessed for new poetic horizons in the name of Man and Mother Earth!!!!!! Heartfelt congratulations to Jacqueline Ripstein, for the magical inspirational paintings!!! Wonderful cooperation in the name of high humane ideas!!!
Heartfelt thanks for including my poem «I’m Drawing Your Portrait» in the anthology!!!
I want to thank the great painter Jacqueline Ripstein for the opening of Atunis Anthology – 2024, with the painting «Life», 1987.
I want to thank her for the support given to all the authors who have contributed to this Anthology .
Thanks to all the staff for the preparation and publication of this book.
©Jacqueline Ripstein (USA) “Life”, 1987

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