» World Peace through the Arts Linzhou – China

World Peace through the Arts Linzhou – China

Opening event 21st September World Peace Day Linzhou China

Art that becomes the Bridge between Heaven to Earth…at the First World Peace Day events in China…

Jacqueline Ripstein a world renown fine artist, Representative of the International Association of Educators for World Peace, has inspired thousands of life’s, through her Art, workshops, books and seminars. She was invited by the Goverment of China to the First events for Peace and Art. A week, where she was chosen to close the events of the World Peace Day through the blessing of the Peace Water and bells. The performance of children, and Chinese singers, all in a joint effort to foster Peace in Linzhou, China for UN GLOBAL PEACE DAY on September 21, 2012.

Jacqueline was one of the key speakers for the event of the Forum of Peace and Friendship, where she gave her Proposal “to use the Arts as an instrument for World Peace. Human beings.“The Arts enable mankind to transcend limitations of Culture, Religion, & Race, in all their forms, they contain the power to penetrate into the very depths of the soul. It’s high frequencies help to enlighten they are an instrument of Culture manifested as Invisible codes of communication between our souls and the truth of the Universe, they help us reconnect to the eternal being within all of us. They awaken the forces of creativity, Peace & Consciousness within us, enabling us to rise above all lower levels of chaos, negativity and war.

I was honored to be one of the people to do the closing of the events for World Peace

The thought of separation, creates separation, anger, hatred, greed, war, a thought that becomes feelings and these have devastated humanity. We need to transcend and elevate ourselves over that thought, by creating a new focus, a new thought process, using our co- creating forces, creating a NEW HUMANITY that resembles a Master piece of Art, based on Oneness, utilizing the love of all people’s…to Create to unite all of us through this common love expression of our Souls.

Teaching our next generations Unity, love, respect for each other, and respect for all living things living in Harmony with Mother Nature, helping to preserve the balance of all ecological systems, in the understanding that we all are Human Beings traveling a Life Journey, within the same Planet Earth, A ONE PLANETARY FAMILY!, leaving a legacy of Peace to our children, and their children…”

Description of event in Linzhou

Sept. 18-22 – First World Peace Art Exhibition in Linzhou, Henan Province, China.

For the International Day of Peace, the China International Culture and Artistic Center (CISAC) and the China National Academy of Painting with support from Friends of UN, China, and the UN Performing Arts Council, are jointly holding a series of activities and forums about art and peace from the 18th to the 22nd day of September, 2012 at Linzhou, Henan Province, China. This event shall build an open and interactive environment for the gathering of worldwide artists to exploit the internal connection between art and peace, to promote a sustainable future of art and peace, to lead the awareness of cultural and industrial innovation, and to stimulate the creative spark of artistic talent”


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