» Results of studies on Jacqueline Ripstein’s Art…by Dr Rafael Lopez Guerrero

Results of studies on Jacqueline Ripstein’s Art…by Dr Rafael Lopez Guerrero

Results of studies on Jacqueline Ripstein’s Art…by Dr Rafael Lopez Guerrero

Our Lady of the Universe…One of the Art pieces that Dr. Rafael did tests on to demonstrate its higher frequenciesDR. RAFAEL LOPEZ GUERRERO

Rafael Lopez-Guerrero PhD, is an independent scientific researcher who, together with Michael Konig and Dr.Dieter Broers, constitutes a world reference in the study of the logic of conscience and its relation with Extraterrestrial Intelligence.

He is a PhD in Engineering and Business Administration, an expert in Advanced Quantic Radiofrequence and in Logic of the König-Guerrero Differential, as well as in patterns of plate tectonic movements.

Estudio del Arte de JR

Validation of the König-Guerrero theory,Holistic co-relation of frequencies,resonance and harmonics; studies of the High Vibrations emitted by the Art of Jacqueline Ripstein

Rafael López-Guerrero Rafael is currently Research Director and cofounder of IRCAI (International Institute for Advanced Quantum Radio Frequency) and director of the scientific journal Starviewerteam. He invented the WIRRSIP protocol (which enables internet access through standard radio frequencies) and is the author of the Convergence White Paper on Telecommunications.Rafael Lopez-Guerrero directs the Research Group on IP convergence named “Web Convergence and IP Protocols,” composed by over 25 internationally-acclaimed professionals in the field of IP Convergence, and among other relevant institutions, he is also member of the Project Management Institute (PMI). In his career, he was in charge of the project through which Internet was introduced in Spain (Infovía), having held various senior-level positions in the telecommunications field (Cibernos, Esin Consultants, B-Ingenia).

The embedded vibrations in art and the language of the emotions, the interaction of Art with our conscience. Holistic analysis of Art with the Theorem of König‐Guerrero in the formulation of the principle of Harmonic Coherence. Study done with the Art of Jacqueline Ripstein, showing the frequencies that her Art emits and its musical correlation.

The reality of the rational language is absolutely incomplete. To be able to understand how the emotions interact with the processes of the perception of quantum realities today is now shown by contemporary science. To be complete we need to understand that there are multidimensional realities that are contained in Art, in emotions, science has investigated, and proven where art and conscience converge.

The absorption of the Schumann Resonances, the co‐relation with the Earth and the Universe with our intimate processes that flow in multi levels, we call the principle of coherence.

We understand for such, the capacity that the inherent capacity the human being has, to integrate in their learning processes, and all those aspects that come from alien realities to the lineal reality, but that live in this lineal reality interacting globally with the process of individual maturity.

Of analogous form, the mathematical and scientific language can be manifested as the result of an artistic expression consequence of the scientific inspiration originating in the intuition, for subsequently they end up as linear equations in which the variables are clerks among themselves.

The need in human beings to try to measure or “to limit”; in a rational way to reach complex expressions of the mental dimensions of the individuals, they oblige them from time to time to utilize “mediums” to reach certain perceptions; induced by channeling realities of the transcendent world.

In this sense, the theory that tries to explain the interactions among the physical forces, without paying attention to the fact that to understand a meta‐empiric model, first, one must elevate the data that our five senses provide us and to explore into our sixth sense, that is not other that our intuition.

The art in all its demonstrations implies a complex communication that attends to the broadcast of the knowledge originating in the mental dimension and it transfers it without the lineal measure that supposes the tridimensional fields, although for it, it utilizes the hyper‐geometry or be adjusted to you determined orthodox canons set by the laws of the physics and/or the esthetics.

Nevertheless, in the Universe, the intelligence itself expresses energies that contain packages of data, and these they are not lineal, but multidimensional and governed by different densities just as it is explained the superstrings theory.

Mentioning the perceptions of the process of channeling with the universal intelligence, implies the application of the principle of coherence with the impulse inherent to creation, for which the transfer of the data, perceptions and feelings of the author, presides the true meaning of its work, and therefore the interpretation should respect the origin and destiny of this work, in the most intimate context within the creator.

After the last scientific advances in matter of Differential radio Frequency, we know that the Resonances
and the harmonic patterns are the key of the materialization of realities that we perceive in the lineal world. This correlation escapes to the rational perception of the colors, the sounds and the light, perceived by the senses of the sole individual (view, ear, touch, smell and flavor), nevertheless holistically, jointly we perceive the mental dimension, since our brain itself expresses with images, and these belong to the mental reality, that is alien to the rational reality, and therefore interacts with the complex mechanisms of the neuron exchange, Inter changing ions of calcium and calmodulina and modifying the broadcast processes of proteins and long‐term our DNA.

It is not by coincidence that determined combinations of harmonics in music done in three or five trails, in cords, that they generate emotional projections as departing from the physical body (Astral projections) or the stimulation of the liquids, and in concrete the H2O (Water). In fact, recent studies relate these packages of quantum data called “qbits” with the logic of the theory of the ether.

What empirically we know, is that the quantum negotiation of the processes of awareness of the transcendental realities in the mental dimension of the being, are intimately linked with the logic of the König‐Guerrero curve, in which the patterns of frequencies and resonances converge with the purpose of the function of the harmonics.

And certainly this up to now unexplored hypothesis by the science, is being investigated for the physics, the biochemist, the psychology and the neuroscience, therefore the recent find of the quantum properties in the biophysics modification of the DNA and the crystallography, they induce to stimulate the art in its creative process understood in a holistic form.

What up to now has been considered a matter of the study of metaphysics, today is a necessary study study of science, in the measure that the consequence is the material reality, diverging in function with the original or universal reality. Those sources of energy are codified in complex packages of data that combinations of frequencies are expressed by means of frequencies, resonances and harmonic, light and colors that interact in the bio‐ physical process of the individual that decides freely to internalize
them as his own, to apprehend them and not to learn them is the key.

I have had the honor to study the work of Jacqueline Ripstein and its technique “Invisible Light &Art Technique, which constitutes a clear holistic example of how the senses perceive the Intelligent Universe. The presence of the penta-band and the tri-band been detected in the two Art works that I have analyzed, detecting the harmonic of curves that can be translated to sounds, with identical structure convergence with the Schumann Resonances. In the spectrum of Audio, the color is manifested in a sublime way to the perception of a symphony with four different movements, but coherent with the theory of Oneness.
How the Art of Jacqueline Ripstein heals us, scientific proof

In “Our Lady of the Universe” we find the correspondence to the pattern of
the penta‐band translated to music as “universe” in support to what inspires
me, with the finding between the coherence of light and colors, which it’s
translated to music in the frequencies of the penta‐band.

With respect to the spectrum of the penta‐band, we find the following:

From the whites to the blues utilizing the depth of colors, vibrating in the spectrum of the 7, 8‐13 Hz, it inspires calm, Peace and relaxation. The central sequence corresponds with the 5,3Hz, proportions that I have translated to the piece musical Universe in five trails, cords, piano allegro, piano contralto, low piano and mixed choruses. The composition produces a delay space‐time that upon listening while the work is contemplated, it induces to ecstasy.

The work seen in the blue luminescence; represents the sequence of the curve
frequency/time represented by the delay space‐time in the diagram of harmonics of the penta‐ band, just as is shown in the following graphic pertaining to the audio of “universe”. Each thousandth of a second corresponds with a spectrum of frequencies in packages of harmonic that
oscillate since the 20hz to the 145Hz.


Heaven to Earth under Both lights (c)

In “Heaven to Earth” the superimposition of frequencies obeys to logic of intersection among the patterns of the universe penta‐bands present in all the works of J.Ripstein as well as the
presence of the inverse penta‐bands of the Schuman Resonances (are a set of spectrum peaks in the extremely low frequency (ELF) portion of the Earth’s electromagnetic field spectrum) in the surface: those that correspond to the Earth.

Scientific studies made by Dr Rafael Lopez Guerrero proving how Jacqueline’s Art can heal us, and help us raise Consciousness through its high vibrations.

A communion among both pentabands is clearly present in her Art, the Universe frequencies, merge with the Earth’s electromagnetic field spectrum, they both unite at the central peak of 13 Hz. Representing in reality the union with Heaven to the Earth, the unity transcending within the lineal harmony, the universe, the passion, the harmony
and the life superimposed.

The representation in the curve spacetime (Köenig‐Warlike Diagram) shows delayed peaks that evoke the embrace to up to 10 different emotions by thousandth of a second.

Heaven to Earth(c) under Black Light where the Invisible message becomes visible.

This painting represents the embrace between the earthly emotions and the significant transcendental luminescence. Promoting health, passion and Peace. The energy in its purest state modifying matter. Love, a state of Peace , in all Unity of creation.

The movement Passion incorporates in five trails of audio the translation of the colors, light and complete frequencies of the penta‐band, in harmonic of (pianos, contrapianos, cords and low piano, with a subtle envelope of mixed choruses (male‐female). Piece (Passion).

To calculate the dispersion of harmonics, I have utilized as a foundation the
Theorem of Tailor, modified in the spectrum of the not/audible/ not visible
frequencies (<20Hz‐y over 28.000Hz). Next I represent the spectrum of the
frequencies pertaining to all the harmonic sounds.


formula de taylor

we substitute the constant one Taylor by the variables of harmonics
of the König‐Warlike theorem, and for each resonance in Hz of the pentabands we apply the equation of Euler/Fibonacci, so that the constant one is substituted for the expression:

For each rank of resonances we have:

In function of the time/frequency/resonance of dot‐matrix form, that itself
expresses as:

For each expression’s value.

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