Event Pictures - Jacqueline Ripstein
Jane Silk, Congresswoman Katherine Harris , Jacqueline Ripstein; UN Representative of the International Assoc. of Educators for World Peace- Blanquita Cullum; Radio America Nat'l Syndicated Host and Governor with the Broadcast Board of Governors. aboard the Presidential Yacht USS Sequoia
JR & at Thomas Berry's birthday UN NY
With Ted Turner at the UN event with Gorbachov
At the UN with Rwanda survivor Jacqueline Astete
2005 with Dr Emoto at UN event
With Mrs. Betty Williams Nobel Peace prize 2000
Sequoia yacht 2005 with Mrs Churchill,-Liza-Jane 50 shakers & world movers
50 shakers & world movers .Sequoia yacht 2005 JR
2005 June London Grand Lord Master
With Dr Emoto and his wife at Louise Hay's birthday
author Tibet Book of the Dead Karma Lingpa Barcelona, Spain
At Gloria's Stephan Birthday
50 shakers & world movers Sequoia yacht 2005 with Fl Senator
Invited as One of the 50 shakers & World movers Sequoia yacht 2005
1997 with Father Jozo Zovko Tour unveiling Our Lady of the Universe.
IAEWP Alabama World Peace conference present-7-22-09
With Ashley Ruiz
Debbie Ford, JR, Alan and Diane Collins
With Astronaut Jose Hernandez
UN Interfath event with & Dr JJ Hurtak
in Acapulco with Placido Domingo
art show Alcalde Bucaramanga 2009
Barcelona Parliament of the World Religions with Mrs. Audrey ishikawa-prof
certificate Wari Kori Somu
At Gloria's Stephan Birthday
with Carlos Justo
At the UN Diane Williams & JR
Interfaith UN 2000 event with Monica Willard & Diane Williams
Ilonka Harezi-Jacqueline Ripstein-Dr. Valerie Hunt
film festival
Astronaut Jose Hernandez NASA, Stephanie K. Ripstein
With Swamiji
JR and Dr Candice Pert
Iris Saltzman-JR
JR and James Twyman
Queen of Malta unveiling JR's Art
TV show with Dr Brian Weiss & JR
With Mrs. Louise Hay at her birthday Party
ohn pitre & jr
JR Adriana Barraza opening JR's art
JR Art unveiling by Adriana Barraza
JR y Armando Manzanero e hijo
JR art show 2009 Ashley y SKRripstein
JR & Guru Swami
JR ,Ilonka Harezi & DK of Tibet
US tour with Father Jozo Zovko unveiling Our Lady of the Universe
JR y Jose Hernandez
WIZO Margaret-Thatcher-presenting Jr's Art
Jr & Monica Willard at UN Peace day
JR in art film festival
Freddy, King of Malta, & JR
Marla Trump & daughter unveiled JR art Our Lady of the Universe & JP
master pianist
JR, movie prod Luis Mandoki feb 05
Oberto founder Damanhur
Opening paintings by Father Jozo Zovko 1996
our lady of the universe at the un headquarters
Panelists at the Queen Mary Ship, Symposyum Peace through the Arts
Parliament of World Religions, BARCELONA SPAIN
Parliament of the Worlds Religions JR with Jonah Friedman teacher of Harvard Univ. Barcelona Spain
Peace Proposal presented by JR in Alabama IAEWP event
Peace symposium Alabama University with IAEWP President Charles Mercieca
Peru group, Carolina Peru teaching people through the arts la Luz de Dios Sanctuary
Peru teaching people through the arts la Luz de Dios Sanctuary, PERU
UN Interfaith Event
Prince of Monaco-Mrs-Anaan-king of Malta
Chldren's workshops Latin Museum Fl
At Louise Hay's Birthday Meg JR
JP, Meg, JR
Seacocus Fifity World Shakers and Movers
UN JR key speaker at the Interfaih Youth Forum event with Sufi Master & Rabbi Goldstein
UN Childrens art contest 2007
UN meeting 2007 with Dr Hurtak-Desiree
UN Millenium Peace Day workshop opening by JR 2000
UN World Spiritual leaders and Religious conference
Presidents-wife-of-Colombia Mrs.Arana-and-JR-Millenium
With Aarun Ghandi grandson, with Steven Halpern & with Willie Trump
with dr jj hurtak desirre teresa nacli
with prince of monaco rocio mayo y jr
with scientist valerie hunt
workshop x children latin museum miami
JR and Queen of Malta
UN interfath event JR & Rabbi Goldstein
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