» The Invisible World…What is it?

The Invisible World…What is it?

Are we aware of our Invisible Life?

Through centuries, color has been an expression and silent language of Life, Man, Nature and Culture.
Plato, Aristotle, Pythagoras, Goethe, Michael Angelo, Voltaire, Newton & many more scientists, creative’s, alchemists, philosophers, writers, and artists, lived in a continuous quest for the magic within light, color, and sound.. For each of these seekers, “color” is seen from a different view. For the physicist, color is only in the physical realm. The psychologist, on the other hand, focuses on the intellectual perception or interpretation of color. Artists, writers, and poets view color as a Universal presence, where colors are an integral part of the essence of life.


As an artist, I was not satisfied with the traditional painting methods. I needed a technique that could express the inner Life of Man, as well as portray the direct expression of my soul. Artists have always painted light, as the manifestation of the divine. For me, the divine is within, so my search to show that Inner-life and light of Man began in 1980. It took me several years and a lot of research and experimentation to create my unique “Invisible Art & Light Technique”©. My technique exposes the light and life that exists at higher vibrations beyond what we can see with our eyes, and that approaches the vibrational levels of the soul.

The “Invisible Art & Light Technique”©, is in vibration, an octave higher than the vibration of the violet color, which means: it is beyond the body of the violet color. Because of its reaches beyond the visible spectrum, black light, combined with natural light, are needed to view my paintings using this technique. Under the black light, viewers can experience the transformation of each painting from an oil on canvas depicting the physical world to an incredibly vibrant painting that, when the lights are dimmed, expose the non-physical world that surrounds us. Viewers experience a breakthrough to a new path and a new consciousness.

More About Color

The Violet Color: Violet is the color of the seekers. It has the highest vibration of all colors and corresponds, in Music, to “Ti” and, to in the planetary cycle, to the Moon. Wagner had his studio painted in violet, and composed his music to the vibration of the violet color. Many artists have used violet’s high vibration to inspire them in their creative expressions. Masters have “talked to humanity through the emanation of this high vibrational Ray. As a fountain of violet singing flame, the Blue or Purple Flames have magnetized people for centuries, from near and far to be set free from every binding condition of body, mind and soul.

THE ULTRA-VIOLET RAY is called ultra because it goes “beyond our senses”

It is the frequency that connects us between our bodies and our Spirits.

Saint Germain has given us the violet-flame decree:. “I AM a being of violet fire! I AM the purity God desires!


Definition: Ultraviolet Ray: “An invisible form of energy which is given off by the Sun.“

“Matter is a heap of ruins of the spirit.” Imagine an invisible stream that breaks into visible pieces when it hits an obstacle. The stream is spirit (or form, as Rudolph Steiner calls it), the visible pieces are matter. This concept reminds me of Einstein’s equation E=mc2, which may be written as m=E/c2. Thus written we can say that matter (m) is energy (E) that has been stopped in its flight (c2). In fact, light is invisible while in flight, only becoming visible upon being absorbed by a perceiver. Physicists know how to convert mass into energy by fission and fusion processes, but are helpless at converting energy into mass, except for small increases of mass noted when elementary particles like electrons are sped up in a particle accelerator. The wholesale creation of mass from energy seems to be a job for the spirit, and Steiner suggests how the process proceeds.

The Electromagnetic Spectrum

“The entire electromagnetic spectrum is made up of ultraviolet, visible light, and infrared. The human eye can only see the light sector of the spectrum. That is Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo and Violet. (ROY G BIV is how I was taught to remember it in school). These are also the colors you see in a rainbow after a rainstorm.”

Visible Color

Color is the thing we perhaps notice most about light in the world around us. But why we see colors the way we do all has to do with light. The reason something appears to be the color that does is that the object is absorbing all the other colors of light except the ones we see, which are reflected back to our eyes. If something absorbs all the colors, it appears black, if it reflects everything, it appears white. Color comes from what is called the visible spectrum of light. Scientists measure the wavelengths of light in this spectrum in nanometers or billionths of a meter. Red has the longest wavelength, and violet has the shortest. So, what color we see depends on the wavelength of the light we absorb into our eyes. The primary colors are red, green, and blue, from these colors, every other color can be made.

Invisible Color Spectrum

The ultraviolet and infrared are wave energy that can not be seen by our eyes. William Herschel began down the road to discovering the electromagnetic spectrum in 1799. He wanted to find out how light and heat were connected. He used a prism to break up white light and used a thermometer to measure the temperature of each of the different colors. Each color, he found, did not have the same temperature. Red had the highest reading of all of the colors, while violet gave the lowest.

Ultra violet

At the other end of the spectrum, past violet, is ultraviolet. Ultraviolet was discovered by Wilhelm Ritter in 1801. He dipped strips of paper into silver nitrate and shown certain types of light on them. Silver nitrate goes under a chemical reaction when exposed to light, and Ritter found that the reaction was different depending on the type of color that was shined on it. When exposed to violet light, the paper would turn much darker than any of the other colors. Knowing that Herschel had found unseen light at the red end of the spectrum, Ritter decided to see if there was at the violet end. When he did this, the paper turned darker than when exposed to violet light, proving that there was light beyond violet. This invisible light was named ultraviolet. Ultra violet light is often given off by the sun.

This invisible light was named ultraviolet. Ultra violet light is often given off by the sun.

The Vibration of the Ultraviolet or Black Light: The Ultraviolet or Black light is a space where all colors are manifested, and create a vastness in unity and harmony. Ultraviolet and Black light go 1/8th outside of the spectrum that our eyes can see. Interestingly, images only visible in ultraviolet light can be seen by some nocturnal animals. Divine energy can more easily be manifested through the ultraviolet radiation.

The “Invisible Art & Light Technique”©, embodies new forms of expressions that, project images & higher vibrations of the dimensions beyond our physical existence and all that exists in Higher planes into “our physical reality”. Our physical senses are so limited and our Mind has been educated to only recognize as “reality ” that which is only seen with our eyes or felt with our five senses, a long search to find a way to transcend that limitation of the canvas, to explore beyond with materials and pigments and the techniques created up until now, where my need to discover what could express our INNER – LIGHT through colors, symbols, lines and forms , and as well a technique where I could enter into what Jung called the “Universal Unconscious Mind,” where the silent inner-language utilizing a higher vibration acts as the Bridge to unite Man to his lost Paradise. By tapping into the Inner-World of manifestation, this would be the same path for the Artist/viewer to go within himself, seeing each painting as his own reflection.

When the viewer is in front of my Art there is a moment of INSPIRATION, an impact, as the energy and higher octave vibrations, are automatically transmitted to his Inner-self and his/her vibration is raised, going beyond of his barriers of the mind.
At this divine moment many walls of fears accumulated throughout the years fall, a “BODY, MIND AND SPIRIT healing takes place as all the organs of the body respond to these high vibrations (as you can see in Share your Experiences the studies made by Dr. Vaughn Cook), a balanced state appears, a sacred moment of communion in the body, mind and spirit takes place, this is what I call “Raising the viewer from Earth to Heaven. “

Invisible Art is not a gimmick. It was given to me for a purpose, by encountering my art; you are guided to see within yourself. This is the gift that we all have a right to receive, as we become aware of the “Invisible Realities”, this is the source of our true being… our thoughts, our feelings are created from this sacred space and manifested in the “visible dimension.

Art, as you can see is a reflection of your own experience. It becomes a mirror that will reflect your soul, maybe you will answer …but I Am not an artist… WITHIN YOU LIES THE EXISTENCE OF THE REAL ARTIST, THE ONE THE CAN CREATE A LIFE OF WANDERS….

But it is up to you now, and it is in your hands what you do with it. I invite you to discover the creator of your life in the Invisible world! And through this Divine Being manifest the Life you are wishing for! “My art is the union of the scientific, Material and the Spiritual Worlds, the energetic manifestation of the bridge…the union between the Body and the Soul, the union of Man and all living things including Mother Earth, the Union of Man and God…the union between all of Us into the reality of the ONENESS WITH THE LIGHT.”

Exsistence in the invisible

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