» Discover… The Invisible World A unique Experience of Art and Healing

Discover… The Invisible World A unique Experience of Art and Healing


Only those that see the Invisible can do the Impossible © ™

“Great works of Art contain the essence of Man, conveying that there is something more that cannot be seen with our eyes, they reveal the Invisible World. Every masterpiece has this quality of Mystery” © Jacqueline Ripstein.

Jacqueline Ripstein is an internationally celebrated Master artist. Pioneer in Art and Healing for 37 years, creator of the Invisible Art & Light technique. With more than 367 international shows, where she has inspired thousands of people across the world through her high vibrational Art, books, High vibrational products and self – awareness seminars and workshops.
After years of hard research (since 1983), where Jacqueline’s life mission through her Art has been to reveal to us OUR REAL IDENTITY, OUR TRUTH, her persistance rewarded her with a technique that could show us that there are more dimensions than what we can see with our eyes, it reveals to us, In seconds, our true reality within the Invisible world: our Inner Light, our Spirit and the Light of God. HER ART BECOMES THE MIRROR OF OUR SOULS.

“We create our Life’s experiences from this Invisible reality”- she says,-” we are manifesting our Life from the Invisible World, we live in this world 24/24 hrs x day, the material world is but the reflection of our own creation.”
She has discovered and patented NEW Art techniques; Movement in Art (1978); Sculpaint(1981), and her unique Invisible Art and oil pigments,(1986) all her research is a gift and a legacy to the Art World and to Humanity.
International reknowned Scientist’s have proven that her art takes us to the Highest levels of consciousness. And that its a source for healing and protection, elevating us from lower vibrations.

Jacqueline Ripstein, a United Nations ECOSOC Representative of the International Association of Educators for World Peace (IAEWP).
Her concern for World Peace is manifested in her Art! Her work of many years with indigenous people, and with children, has leaded her to the proposals: To use the Arts and the Creative forces, as an Instrument for World Peace.
All in life has It’s moments, the time has come for her innovative Invisible technique, to help us as an important tool to adapt to the new Aquarius Era.
A “Violet Flame” manifestation of the
uppermost vibrations to inspire and raise us, in these very needed moments, to ascend from Earth to Heaven.

Jacqueline Ripstein has given humanity a true legacy, and as her work travels the globe, the Invisible world will be revealed to us all!

NASA co-sponsored program International Academy of Astronautics Humans in Space Youth.

International Association Of Educators 2010 NASA co-sponsored program International Academy of Astronautics Humans in Space Youth. Jacqueline gave Peace awards to children. International Association Of Educators

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Jacqueline Ripstein has been invited to participate in this significant worldwide event for Peace.

10,000,000 people around the world will be viewing this important event 2010 Peace Day Global Broadcast, September 17 – 21 Celebrate the International Day of Peace with the World Community www.peaceday.tv

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