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How Art Heals

How can Spiritual Art help in this Area It can be the spiritual food for so many hungry people, a starving society that have lost their morals, their values. Art can address the eternal unanswered questions of who we are and why are we here ? by helping us connect to our inner selves our
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Art as a Healing Vibrational Tool

  ART AS A HEALING VIBRATIONAL TOOL ARTICLE  ART, SCIENCE,, CREATIVITY  and vibrations ! Healing through the  Invisible World ! The Arts as a vibrational tool By Jacqueline Ripstein© “Only those that see the Invisible can do the Impossible” “WHERE HEAVEN & EARTH WILL BE UNITED THROUGH ART” “To master our lives is the Art
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Digital Health Study

Jacqueline’s art has proven to be as soothing to the body as it is to the spirit. These effects have been documented by Vasghn R. Cook, OMD. We are pleased to offer his research to you.

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