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Jacqueline Ripstein Healing Art Awakens the Eyes to the Invisible

Jacqueline Ripstein Healing Art Awakens the Eyes to the Invisible April 1, 2016 Stephanie Lucas Artist, Emotional Healing, Energy and Frequencies,Inspiration,Spirituality, Videos Leave a comment Since she was a little girl growing up in Mexico Jacqueline Ripstein had big dreams of transforming the world through art that reveals the ultimate truths of our Inner Light read more

Surviving Life’s Storms

Surviving Life’s Storms If I could share 500 words to inspire, this is the important wisdom I’d want to pass along to others… Bibbidi-Bobbidi-Boo! I used to sing this and dance to it when I was four years old. My father had given me the most wondrous magic wand made from cardboard and wrapped in
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Unos 32 años han pasado desde que la artista y escritora mexicana Jacqueline Ripstein comenzó una búsqueda espiritual, que la llevó a descubrir que usando la luz, visible e invisible, podía crear piezas de arte que conectaran al espectador con su ser interior y facilitar el encuentro con la divinidad. De esa forma, Ripstein encontró
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La Tecnica Invisible Nos Revela…

  MI TECNICA INVISIBLE NOS REVELA “Mi técnica Invisible nos revela el mundo que esta mas allá del cuerpo físico, y de lo que los ojos ven, enseñándonos así la existencia de dimensiones que existen y deben ser percibidas de manera diferente… el mundo del quantum donde el ser humano se manifiesta.” ”Es en el
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The Invisible World…What is it?

Are we aware of our Invisible Life? OF OUR EXSISTENCE IN THE INVISIBLE ….WORLD? HOW MANY HOURS IN A DAY DO YOU THINK WE LIVE IN THE INVISIBLE WORLD? Through centuries, color has been an expression and silent language of Life, Man, Nature and Culture. Plato, Aristotle, Pythagoras, Goethe, Michael Angelo, Voltaire, Newton & many
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How Art Heals

How can Spiritual Art help in this Area It can be the spiritual food for so many hungry people, a starving society that have lost their morals, their values. Art can address the eternal unanswered questions of who we are and why are we here ? by helping us connect to our inner selves our
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Art as a Healing Vibrational Tool

  ART AS A HEALING VIBRATIONAL TOOL ARTICLE  ART, SCIENCE,, CREATIVITY  and vibrations ! Healing through the  Invisible World ! The Arts as a vibrational tool By Jacqueline Ripstein© “Only those that see the Invisible can do the Impossible” “WHERE HEAVEN & EARTH WILL BE UNITED THROUGH ART” “To master our lives is the Art
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Discover… The Invisible World A unique Experience of Art and Healing

WELCOME! DISCOVER… THE INVISIBLE WORLD… A UNIQUE EXPERIENCE OF ART AND HEALING… Only those that see the Invisible can do the Impossible © ™ HEAVEN TO EARTH ©2009 Pat. Jacqueline Ripstein with Invisible Art & Light Technique. Visit our Gallery Click here to view Press events Click here to have a unique experience of Consciousness
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World Peace through the Arts Linzhou – China

Art that becomes the Bridge between Heaven to Earth…at the First World Peace Day events in China… Jacqueline Ripstein a world renown fine artist, Representative of the International Association of Educators for World Peace, has inspired thousands of life’s, through her Art, workshops, books and seminars. She was invited by the Goverment of China to
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Proposal of Art for World Peace

Proposal for World Peace through the use of the Arts and the Creative Forces. By Jacqueline Ripstein © Fine Artist & Art Healing Pioneer & World Peace Envoy *United Nations ECOSOC Representative of the International Association of Educators for World Peace *GHA Ambassador for Peace from Harmony Peace starts within each human being! Its our
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