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Jacqueline’s art has proven to be as soothing to the body as it is to the spirit. These effects have been documented by Vasghn R. Cook, OMD. We are pleased to offer his research to you.

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Jacqueline Ripstein
Aventura, Florida
June 1, 1999

Dear Jacqueline,

It was a pleasure spending time with you and Mark the other day. At promised, I am sending you this letter describing our experience.

I am involved with a technology knows as Meridian Stress Assessment. This technology is a combination of eastern and western medical concepts involving the measurement of electrical conductivity of the skin. Electrical conductivity is a well establish marker for stress. As a person becomes more stressed, skin conductance will increase, where a calm person will indicate higher electrical resistance, or lower conductivity.

Acupuncture points are situated on the skin at various locations. One of the characteristics of an acupuncture point is that it is more electrically sensitive or conductive that surrounding tissue. These points are connected in an organized fashion along pathways called Meridians. There are a number of meridians on the body, each of which is associated with a major internal organ from which it derives its name; for example, the Heart Meridian, the Lung Meridian, the Liver Meridian and so forth.

As these Organs, and their associated tissues or body systems become stressed, for whatever reason, this stress will be reflected in the electrical conductivity of the associated acupuncture points. As an example, if a person is suffering from a chest cold, effecting primarily the lungs, points on the Lung Meridian will manifest the stress caused by the illness.

Meridian Stress Assessment is the process of testing points on the body, usually the hands and feet to determine where where stress is occurring in the body. With the aid of computer technology, we are able to then simulate therapeutic intervention and determine which therapeutic option is most likely to relieve stress and place the body into a position of balance or homeostasis.

Our experience at your home was to measure the stress patterns on one hand of each of five people. After taking the baseline readings, we then had each person spend time viewing your art after which we repeated the test on the same hand. The only variable was the intervening experience with your art. In every case the readings taken after the art was viewed were more balanced. The effect the art had on each person was different (as reflected in the readings) and in all cases, not all points balanced. But the results were impressive. Your art has a most definite calming, balancing and healing effect.

I was a pleasure spending time with you and Marc. I wish you all the best in your ensuing venture and look forward to a continued association.

Vasghn R. Cook, OMD

Digital Health

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