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How Art Heals

How can Spiritual Art help in this Area

Art as the pathway to the soul, can be the road that leads humanity towards a new direction.

It can be the spiritual food for so many hungry people, a starving society that have lost their morals, their values. Art can address the eternal unanswered questions of who we are and why are we here ? by helping us connect to our inner selves our souls. There is a tendency within man today to suppress the light / the colors of life. Through art you can see the invisible colors as invisible realities, but also we can hear the invisible sounds, the real sound of silence will appear, the real colors of life will manifest. All that lives in light and color as well as in darkness must be grasped as feeling. We must ask ourselves what is the connection between light and the spirit, when we watch the rays coming through the clouds / what do we feel? We are all artists, if we could just tap into art and nature to create a visual perceptual language. A direct perception where are senses are experiencing a different kind of seeing. During the moment of the creation of the art we tap into our souls and the insight occurs. If we develop creativity in any area we choose to specialize in, we will develop our skills to the highest level. Throughout history creative individuals have shown us that through creativity they discovered extraordinary solutions to problems that no one else perceived. For example, when Newton saw the apple falling from the tree, in a moment of insight, he created the law of gravity!!!!!

Quick changes in modern life, occuring at an ever increasing pace, require an innovative response, making it imperative that we gain greater understanding of creativity and control over our lives. This is where ART will help us focus on a different level. I have found as a result of my work without my knowing at the begining, that I have a message to give. Not because I wanted to, but as a result of my work and the person s reaction to it. It is a message that is connected to the return of human beauty, it s values and it s essence of love.

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