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“Scientist to Mystic”
by Valerie V. Hunt Ed.D.

“Splendifferent Thoughts”
by Valerie V. Hunt Ed.D.

“The Secret of the Beloved Disciple”
by James F. Twyman

“The Secret of the beloved Disciple”
by James Twyman. Back cover
“Our Lady of the Universe “. with a preface by Nick Bunick. The story of Our Lady of the Universe messages and trialsto create the painting by International artist Jacqueline Ripstein.

Phenomenal Women – That’s Us!
A Book of Power, Personal Strength, Inner Beauty and Radiant
Authors: Madeleine Singer Bela, Kalman Steven Halpern and Jacqueline Ripstein.
Phenomenal woman that’s us – AOL Shopping

“Time Zones Your Key to Control”
Design cover by Jacqueline Ripstein

“From Illusion to Reality”
by Andrew Moss.
 Cover design by International
From Illusion to Reality Book 1 by Andrew Moss For Sale

“Da Vinci Decoded – Discovering the Spiritual Secrets of
 Leonardo’s Seven Principlesl”
Acknowledgement to Jacqueline Ripstein

Heaven on Earth: A Call to Consciousness
By International Artist Jacqueline Ripstein
This is a time of new beginnings, and the patterns of perfection from the heavenly realms are flooding into the consciousness of an awakening humanity. Since the arts are our creative means of connecting to higher dimensions, through its powers, we have the ability to bring inspirational images, sounds and colors into our physical manifestation, helping raise our emotions in times of so much fear and distress. The arts will again become an indispensable tool to connect to the infinite light into which we are ascending.

Being part of a world transformation is our responsibility. With every step we make and every thought we think, we are either adding to the light of the world or the shadows of it. We are living in challenging times, as we are in the middle of a transitional period–the shift between the era of Pisces and the era of Aquarius, and the shift between colors as well. We are moving, as humanity, from the blue color to the purple color. The purple color is one of the highest vibrational colors, which helps us to connect to our spiritual realms.

BY Jacqueline Ripstein ©

“Stories are not to put children to sleep; but to wake up adults!”
“Like an arm reaching down from the sky, a silver bright white ray of light extends gently from the heavens, another shoots up from within the inner core of the earth, both engage in a long awaited passionate embrace. Two worlds converge, for the rebirth and unification of mankind. The invisible and the visible.”
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Book Cover Designs:

  • Time Zones – Your Key Control By Dr. Philip S Berg. 1992
  • From Illusion to Reality by Andrew Moss 1996
  • International Magazine Crescendo Design of Logo and cover.

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